*1986 in Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany


Simeon Decker is an figurativ sculptor, he lives and works in Berlin.


Simeon is interested in art, society and spirituality. A personal sentence from him:

Art gives me the freedom to reflect the changes of society, and the loving embrace and power of the gospel inspires me, to live every day in a change process. 


Simeon Decker was 2017 part of the artist-group -LED B- founded by sculptor Laura Danzi/Karlsruhe, and art historian Dr. Elisa Baldini/Bologna. 




2002-2005 Professional training wood sculpting,  Empfertshausen, Germany 

2007-2008  Scuola Professionale Provinciale della Val Cardena, South Tyrol, Italy

2008-2011 Theological Seminar BTA Wiedenest, Bergneustadt, Germany 


Exhibitions (selection) 

2013: Showroom and Jazzclub Donaustr. 115 Berlin/Neukölln

2014: Group exhibition, Frühlingserwachen by: Kunstreuter e.V. Berlin/Neukölln 

2015: Gallery: Montagehalle Berlin-Wedding  

2015: 48h Neukölln, Schillerpalais in Berlin-Neukölln (group exhibition) 

2016: Gallery Pharo-Derks Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg 

2017: Art fair: Scultura Milano 17.-19. November 2017 

2017/2018: Solo exhibition in the Berlin PAX-BANK Sep. 2017-Jan. 2018

2018: Heckmann-Höfe in Berlin Mitte, Art.City.People: creative space and craft coffee 

2019: 12. Lange Nacht der Bilder   01.09.2019 Berlin Lichtenberg 

2021: Berlin Art Week  Studios ID Collective to announce ‘UNBLOCK – fair art fair’ during Berlin Art Week 2021  15.-19. Sep. 2021

The Studios ID Collective joined forces with curator Denis Leo Hegic of Supermarket Lab and Museum of Now, together with Immonen Property, owner of the Studios ID buildings to set up a week long event named ‘UNBLOCK – fair art fair’. 

2022: 15. Lange Nacht der Bilder 01.09.2022 Berlin-Lichtenberg 




Symposiums  (selection)

2012   13. sculptor symposium, Empfertshausen, Germany 

2014   International sculptor symposium, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Germany